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We have held weddings at our church for over 200 years. In the 1830’s the province agreed to register our weddings as legal marriages, and we still welcome couples of varied backgrounds. We share our staff’s time and our church building with you as part of our Christian ministry, just like we celebrate the passages of people’s lives with baptisms, dedications, funerals and memorials.

Anyone may ask for a wedding here. People of different religions or of none, people married before or never married, women marrying men or same sex couples: all are welcome. Scheduling our staff time and space may lead our ministers to decline your request, or suggest alternatives, but you may ask for reconsideration by our church Council. We do charge fees for weddings. For fees contact the church office.

We do require that you come to meet with the minister at least twice to plan the ceremony. We require that you consult with our music director about any music on site. We require your marriage licence five (5) working days before the wedding. We recommend marriage preparation programs, to which you will be referred.

Thornhill United Church - Our Mission


Baptism is a sacrament of belonging. We celebrate baptisms of infants here, as well as older children and adults.

Whatever the age of the one baptized, you’ll affirm you want to belong, say that you believe, and promise to behave in ways that show you belong and believe.

At least one adult speaks for a child, saying ‘I do’ to 3 questions like these.Another parent, godparents or sponsors may also stand up to affirm and promise, or to support those saying ‘I do’. We ask:

  • Do you wish baptism for __________?
    (I do.)
  • Do you believe in God your creator, in Jesus Christ your redeemer, and in the Holy Spirit your teacher and guide?
    (I do.)
  • Do you promise to grow in the faith with ______, part of a household and community of faith, participating in the church’s celebration and service?
    (I do.)

If none of you can say ‘I do’ 3 times, you are invited to further explore your Christian faith. ‘Dedication’ is an option which celebrates a new life, promising to raise a child in faith, but not yet baptized.

We stand with you and say ‘welcome’. We share our affirmations of belonging, belief, and promises to behave as a community in ways that help you live out your baptism within the Christian church.

Baptism at TUC


“A human life is sacred: in its birth, in its living, in its dying….” We all celebrate, learn, serve and care through the sacred transitions of life. For over 200 years, this church has been open in Thornhill. You are welcome to share your rites of passage here, including funerals and memorial services.

Anyone may ask for a funeral here. People of different religions, or of none, may call upon us to celebrate a life, and to mourn a death. Our ministers may suggest suitable alternative rituals or locations, and may decline your request based on other demands on their time. You may ask our minister to come to a funeral home, gravesite or memorial gatherings or rituals at places significant to the person who has died or to those who are bereaved.

You may call upon us before a death, at the moment of death, or at some time after a death or other bereavement. Making your wishes known through pre-arranging with a funeral home and consulting with a church can reduce stress for those you love. Tell us, and others, what you do (and don’t!) want.

Funerals at TUC